About Us
Annprash is Singapore based company incorporated in year 2004 with a present paid up of SGD 0.5M. The Company with its headquarters in Singapore is a leading exporter / importer of agro-products / commodities.

The company has been actively trading in agro-products viz., Raw Cashew-Nuts, Soya beans, Ginger, Turmeric, Shea nuts, Cassia, Sesame, Groundnuts and Rice . Since year 2004, Annprash has been successful in making a dent in the international trade of agro-commodities and has been able to carve out a niche for itself.

Our services of timely performance, quality control and logistics management have met up to their global standards and ensured consistent relationships.

Annprash is managed by a team of professionals with rich experience, who over this period have mastered the art of origination and procurement of quality products at competitive prices to enable to offer superior value proposition to the customers in terms of quality cargoes, timely shipments, market intelligence and tailor-made risk management solutions. The emphasis on details ensures maintaining cargo integrity through the efficient logistics chain until the final destination.

As our commitment and dedication are from very beginning stage, the organization has been able to build a reputation among the industry-players as a reliable exporter and importer.
Annprash Commodities